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Essay on Lowering Drinking Age - 778 Words

As a society, we have always been taught that you could not have an alcoholic drink till your twenty one. But there are people out there that think that we should lower that age to eight teen. A group of 129 college presidents are actually asking that there at least be a discussion to the argument (Lewis et al, 2008). They think that it would stop all the underage drinking at colleges and would teach kids at an early age how to handle alcohol (Lewis et al, 2008). In my option lowering it would not help all the problems we have with alcohol. I feel that it would just cause more alcohol abuse, but there is some good to lowering it. As kids start off to college, their parents try to make sure they give their children all the advice they can†¦show more content†¦In Australia there have been three states that lowered the drinking age from 20 to 18, they are South Australia, Queensland, and Western Australia (Smith Burvill, 1987). When researchers did the experiment they only loo ked at male‘s for it (Smith Burvill, 1987). They found after looking at the data the numbers from all three states were about the same (Smith Burvill, 1987). Some of the things they looked at were burglary, larceny of the motor vehicle, and drunkenness (Smith Burvill, 1987). When looking at those numbers and comparing them together they found that as the years went on the bigger the numbers got (Smith Burvill, 1987). They did this research between the years of 1969 to 1975 and the number went up no less than seven (Smith Burvill, 1987). Even though lowering the drinking age would cause a lot more hard ship, there are some good things that could come out of it. If the drinking age was lowered we could start teaching our kids at an earlier age about how to drink responsibility. I’m sure if you went around to twenty one year olds and asked if they had tried alcohol before they were allowed most of them would say yes. Supporters of the AI think that the age should b e 18 because they think that the twenty one age restriction leads to underground drinking which causes dangerous drink patterns and unintended consequences (Barnett, 2008). So if this wouldShow MoreRelatedLowering the Drinking Age1523 Words   |  7 Pages According to Andrew Herman, â€Å"Each year, 14,000 die from drinking too much. 600,000 are victims of alcohol related physical assault and 17,000 are a result of drunken driving deaths, many being innocent bystanders† (470). These massive numbers bring about an important realization: alcohol is a huge issue in America today. Although the problem is evident in Americans of all ages, the biggest issue is present in young adults and teens. In fact, teens begin to feel the effects of alcohol twice asRead MoreNot Lowering The Drinking Age989 Words   |  4 PagesNot Lowering the Drinking Age There are many different views on drinking alcohol, especially underage drinking. Everyone has different views on the drinking age. Some think it should be lowered and others believe that it should be raised. Then some believe that it should remain the same at the age of twenty-one years old. Keeping the alcohol consumption age at twenty-one limits the dangers of not only those under twenty-one, but other people in the community. Lowering the drinking age will causeRead MoreLowering the Drinking Age1223 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"What we’re doing now to prevent underage drinking isn’t working; it’s time to try something else.† Although many people argue that the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1964, which lowed the drinking age from eighteen to twenty one, was a good idea. David J Hanson a professor in the State University of New York believed that something needs to be done to make the United States a safer place to live. Is it fair that people in the United States can serve in the military, vote in elections, serveRead MoreLowering The Legal Drinking Age857 Words   |  4 PagesAs we know, the United States has the highest drinking age in the world. By 1988 the entire U.S had adopted the Federal Uniform Drinking Age Act, which set the drinking age to twenty-one. However, in 1920 the United States banned the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcohol. This era known as the Prohibition sparked the popularity of hidden underground bars and events. The Prohibition Era is a prime example of how people did anything to intake alcohol and eventually this ledRead MoreLowering The Alcohol Drinking Age1602 Words   |  7 Pages Lowering The Alcohol Drinking Age Now a day’s teens that are under the age of twenty-one are out in trouble and drinking. They know that they are not old enough to drink and that is what makes them want to drink even more. Teens drink when they are not suppose to, but they know that when they drink, they must stay out of trouble. Lowering the alcohol drinking age will keep a bunch of teens out of trouble. If teens can stay safe while drinking then they should allow eighteen year olds to drinkRead MoreLowering The Drinking Age Act Essay2580 Words   |  11 PagesLowering drinking age California Passed the drinking age act in 1984 for all consumers of alcohol had to be 21 years of age to buy and consume. Was this a good idea? Is this making young teens stay away from alcohol, and making our cities safe? Age limit should be lowered to 18 years of age because there should be no reason why try to keep teens away from something that they are going to get one way or another. Many teens get alcohol from older siblings, seeing parents, and being influenced by otherRead MoreLowering The Drinking Age Of The Age981 Words   |  4 PagesHowever, there are those who remain persistent in their requests to drop the drinking age to a slightly lower option. Opposition to the legal drinking age of twenty-one has shown to have some support from mostly younger groups of people, without much validation as to why a lowered drinking age would be beneficial to our country as a whole. Yet, there are still some interesting arguments for those in favor of dropping the age at which it is l egal to drink to eighteen. Consider how many young adults chooseRead MoreThe Argument For Lowering The Drinking Age Essay2153 Words   |  9 PagesAlcohol has been a large part of society for many years. Currently out of the 190 countries in the world, 61% of them have drinking ages of 18 or 19. While 12 other countries have their drinking ages set at 21. In those 12 countries is the United States, who after 1984 raised their national minimum drinking age when Congress passed the Minimum Drinking Age Act. The drinking age in recent years has became a topic of controversy with people arguing that it showed be lowered back to 18 or 19. TheirRead MoreEssay on Lowering the Drinking Age 1011 Words   |  5 Pagesare facing the consequences of irresponsible drinking. Because of the issues caused by irresponsible drinking, the US government passed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act in 1984 which raised the minimum drinking age to twenty-one to prevent drinking-related accidents and violence. Despite the int ent of its passing, it was a counterproductive decision. Because of the higher age restriction, high school upperclassmen and college underclassmen see drinking as an exciting, rebellious act. ConsequentiallyRead MoreLowering The Legal Drinking Age1933 Words   |  8 PagesLowering of the Legal Drinking Age Research Paper Adults under 21 are able to vote, sign contracts, serve on juries, and enlist in the military, but are told that they are not mature enough to have a beer?, said Ruth C. Engs, a professor of Applied Health Sciences at Indiana University (Engs). No matter what is done, teenagers and young adults all over America are going to drink if they want to. The question is, why can t they start legally drinking when they enter adulthood? An alternative to

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Steroids And Other Performance Enhancing Drugs - 1678 Words

Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs have been banned from Major League Baseball since 1991; however, this law was not strictly enforced by the Major League Baseball Players Association (Anabolic Steroids). The MLBPA to date has become much more involved in the issue of PED use in the MLB, and they do test many of the players for traces of steroids. Few players are caught each year, but when a big name pops up, the whole debacle headlines newspapers, constantly talked about on sports networks and becomes a huge deal. That big name player that was caught using steroids is then given an agreed sentence of suspended games, sometimes they are even revoked of their chance to be in the exalted MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. The use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs should be more heavily managed and more severely punished. For years my coaches have told me that baseball is a metaphor for life. This is true in many ways. There are countless activities and goals o ne can chase after in life, but all of them are based on the person’s character. It is critical to make wise decisions, and carry out those decisions well. Making the wrong decisions or poorly executing the right ones will eventually change one’s character in a negative manner. Although sports differ from each other in multiple ways, every sport has an end-goal that is fundamental to the sport, and toward all activity in that sport. I have three main points about players that use PEDs: theyShow MoreRelatedSteroids And Other Performance Enhancing Drugs1407 Words   |  6 PagesSteroids in Sports Introduction The debate over athletes using steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs has always been a hot-button issue in the sports world. From major league athletes in baseball and football; to track stars and bicyclist in the Olympics, the use of steroids in sports has been a wide-range problem. Those who disagree with the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs say that the athletes who use them are breaking the rules and getting an unfair advantage overRead MoreWhy Performance Enhancement Drugs Use Essay1142 Words   |  5 PagesWhy are performance enhancement drugs use in professional sports? The use of steroids has been a major problem among sports and has caused lots of controversy. Although these professional sports organizations such as the NFL, NHL, NBA and several others have spent time and money investigating athletes for uses of performance enhancement drugs, nothing has been done to erase records or record breaking statistics. In order to cease steroid and oth er performance enhancement drug users from cheatingRead MoreEssay about Consequences of Performance Enhancing Drugs1509 Words   |  7 PagesNegative Effects to Performance Enhancing Drugs At the age of 21 Rob Garibaldi committed suicide and it is believed to be from his consumption of performance enhancing drugs. As a young boy, Rob started to play little league, trying to match his favorite sport hero, and dreaming to make it to the baseball major leagues. Prior to high school, Rob was getting pushed by his coaches he had and scouts start to follow him to have him take supplements and more things that will help him gain weight compoundsRead MoreSteroids and Our World758 Words   |  3 PagesAnabolic steroids are synthetic steroid hormones made to resemble testosterone. These drugs are not the only performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) out there. Some are not even steroids, such as: creatine, tamoxifen, propranolol, cox-2, albuterol, ephedrine, and erythpoietin. These performance enhancing drugs may be boosting the skill level in an athlete’s career, but it is doing no good to the health of the athlete himself. Multiple sports are having reports of athlet es using PED’s including baseballRead MoreAnabolic Steroid Use in Sports Summary1493 Words   |  6 PagesAnabolic Steroid use in Sports The competitive drive to win at all cost is fierce among athletes. Winning at all cost often includes using one of many performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids. Many athletes use performance enhancing drugs, like steroids, to achieve higher goals and set higher records than other drug-free successful athletes. Although athletes are performing at higher levels when using such drugs, what is the cost? Finally anabolic steroids should remain bannedRead MoreThe Effects of Performance Enhancing Drugs on Athletes996 Words   |  4 PagesEffects of Performance Enhancing Drugs on Athletes The risks of taking performance -enhancing drugs to improve an athletes’ performance outweighs the benefits. Along with the fact that all performance-enhancing drugs are illegal to use in sports, there are also serious side effects and addiction risks to the drugs. Athletes may choose from a variety of drugs and each may achieve different benefits. However, most of the time, athletes are uneducated in their decision to take the drugs, which canRead MoreEssay about Steroids in Sports: Right or Wrong?947 Words   |  4 PagesSteroids in Sports, Right or Wrong? â€Å"We have to make some radical move to get the attention of everyone. Cheaters cant win and steroids have put us in the position that its OK to cheat.† (Lou Brock). Steroids in professional sports has became a major issue and has yet to be justified. Steroids boost the intensity of the game and provide the athletes with more agility and skill to play the game, but should it be fair to allow them? This would give some players an advantage in their sport overRead MorePerformance Enhancing Drug Abuse1511 Words   |  7 PagesPerformance enhancing drug abuse is a growing problem in adolescents and athletes. According to the Partnership for Drug – Free Kids, more than five percent of teens use performance enhancing drugs, or steroids increase muscle. Performance enhancing drug abuse creates addiction, the mental tension and pressure that coaches and peers bring to inferior athletes this draws teens and athletes to engage in these products, further encouraging teens to partake in the use of performance enhancing drugs,Read MoreThe Legalization Of Steroids Should Be Beneficial For The World Of Sport1226 Words   |  5 PagesSteroids seem to to be having a negative view for much of history. Steroids are drugs used by athletes to become stronger and achieve a strong physique. Steroids are illegal and are strongly discouraged to be used and may be seen first expressed during high school with the introduction of organized sport teams. The perspective against the legalization of steroids believes in the many benefits of legalization. The perspective for the legalization of steroid expresses the harmful effects of steroidsRead MoreAthletes And Performance Enhancing Drugs1438 Words   |  6 Pageswhole life, I have had experience with performance enhancing drugs in the past and currently. I believe the safest way to achieve your goals is to train naturally, but many athletes do not have the patience for that and choose to take substances that put their health at risk. In most cases, if an athlete believes that they have reached their â€Å"peak† of performance or feel they are struggling to progress they will likely seek out something to enhance their performance. Depending on their sport, they will

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Victory or Demise, Same Faces in a New Light - 1520 Words

Loyalty and nobility are supposedly infallible characteristics to most people. Nevertheless, the honorable influence of others and venomous influence of greed is a common threat, shattering bonds between others. The good of others and greed tends to blind a person, weakening the connection between people, killing off trust, nobility, and shared bonds. In George Orwells 1984, love, friendship, and loyalty are crushed by the hands of an oppressive government and trust is scarce. A totalitarian government is threatened and helped by individuals, however, one thing is common, the obligation to love of the authority, Big Brother. In William Shakespeares Julius Caesar, friendship and patriotism are crossed, as well as vengeance and power†¦show more content†¦Antonys cruel soliloquy has the merit of not concealing beneath patriotic rhetoric the naked reality of fratricide and war† (Gil 10). Because of his love and emotion for Caesar got the better of him, he declared for the ‘evildoers’ to death as well as the rest of Rome. His violent soliloquy shows this as well as his emotions as he betrays Rome for the power to do so. Thus, Mark Antony betrays Rome for the power to punish the conspirators and wages war. In 1984, betrayal is also shown in the work of Mr. Charrington, the junk shopkeeper. Mr. Charrington has been a part of Winstons life selling him the red book Winston used as a journal which contained â€Å"DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER†. He has let Winston stay in the room above his shop where Winston believes there was no telescreen, however, the shopkeeper reveals himself to be a member of the Thought Police. Rae writes, â€Å"Charrington presides brutally over the arrest, his kindly persona vanishing to reveal the alert, cold face of a Thought Policeman (173). This startling turn of events casts Winstons whole venture into historical research into a new light, and with it Charringtons role as an archivist† (Rae 8). His revelation was made clear: the whole situation was a set up and Mr. Charrington helped the operation greatly creating the â€Å"dirt† on Winston.Show MoreRelatedArtists and Their Muses in Wildes The Picture of Dorian Gray and Woolfs To the Lighthouse10 67 Words   |  5 Pageslegacy. He desires a legacy that will surpass time and spread throughout the world. Within the novel Mr. Ramsay debates on his potential to achieve his extravagant goal. He faces his own failure and thinks about how â€Å"his own light would shine, not very brightly for a year or two, and would then be merged in some bigger light, and that in bigger still† (35). Mr. Ramsay desires that his ideas remain important and in a state of stagnation for years to come but he is also confronted with the idea thatRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The Wild By Jon Krakauer1402 Words   |  6 Pages On June 13, 1971, the New York Times headline read, â€Å"Vietnam Archive: Pentagon Study Traces 3 Decades of Growing U.S. Involvement†. Days earlier, Daniel Ellsberg provided the newspaper with excerpts from a 7,000-page classified study that became known as the Pentagon Papers. Just over 20 years later, moose hunters found the decaying remains of an adventurer in the Alaskan wilderness. The remains were concluded to be those of Chris McCandless, an affluent 20-something from Virginia, who wound upRead MoreThe And Refugee Writing Assignment1432 Words   |  6 Pagesmoment. The Nazi Era had ended, yet 71 years later the reign of Adolf Hitler still continues to have an effect on our society. Approximately 6 million Jewish people were killed during the Holocaust, which is the largest genocide in history. Today, we face a similar situation. In Syria, there is a civil war which has taken over 200,000 lives and left over 2,000,000 people displaced. The crisis directly relates to upholding human rights and the impact fear has on opinions. Human rights have evolvedRead MoreThe Emancipation Proclamation By President Abraham Lincoln1712 Words   |  7 Pages January 1, 1863 President Abraham Lincoln changed the face of America by declaring all slaves to be freed, this was known as the Emancipation Proclamation. In our country s history the Proclamation can be argued as one of the most groundbreaking change that shaped how our country operates today. Arthur John Johnson born to Henry and Tiny Johnson in Galveston, Texas on March 31, 1878 third of nine children; three of which died at birth. Roberts stated not much is known of Henry’s influence onRead MoreDoes Tony Blair Run a Presidential Style Administration2142 Words   |  9 Pagesthat the Labour party was desperate after being out of power for fifteen years. But there was hope. A relatively new face had emerged to become the leader of New Labour. In an era when political parties are run like organisations and rely on numbers and strong leaders, Tony Blair filled his party with excitement and anticipation. He went on to lead the party to a landslide victory in the general election after a campaign that focused significantly on his personality. Inevitably, Tony Blair wasRead MoreHenry Viii And The Succession1438 Words   |  6 Pagessecond child, the rightful ruler of England, the next minute he swore that both were bastards, and therefore needed to make a formal will. By doing this, Henry VIII had the unusual opportunity to choose his successor(s). First in line would be his new son, then his â€Å"bastard† daughters who would be named legitimate heirs to the throne if needed. After them, Frances Grey would inherit the title. This left Lady Jane Grey fourth in line to the throne. In the succession acts, that Henry VIII also passedRead MorePresident Nixon And The Watergate Scandal1641 Words   |  7 Pagesinvolvement by White House staff or Nixon administration members. Nixon also implemented strategies for covering up the scandal. Instead of owning up to his wrongdoings, Nixon managed to increase the severity of his crimes with each last ditch effort to save face (Jacobs). Clearly, Watergate was just one of the many scandals during Nixon’s presidency and was definitely not an isolated incident. Ultimately, President Nixon’s terms in office are defined by the lengths in which he was willing to go in order toRead MoreBe owulf and Siegfried1462 Words   |  6 Pagespursuits carved out significantly different fates. Whilst both were primarily driven personal gain, the effects of Beowulf’s actions coincided with public want whereas Siegfried’s’ deeds bought him many enemies. Beowulf and Siegfried were ostensibly the same character—powerful, undefeatable warriors driven to satisfy their own desires. After Siegfried traveled to the city of Worms, he was immediately recognized by the Burgundian knight Hagen. Although Hagen had never seen Siegfried, he was able to describeRead MoreBeowulf : An Epic Hero Essay2228 Words   |  9 Pagesone death fells must deem it a judgement by God† (Heaney 440-441). It is apparent throughout the poem that both Beowulf and Hrothgar recognize that events are a manifestation of the will of God, calling on the â€Å"Divine Lord [to] grant the glory of victory† to Beowulf (Heaney 685). The will of the divine serves as an underlying catalyst to the mission at hand. Even Grendel’s treachery is linked to his ancestry from Cain, a man â€Å"the Creator had outlawed and condemned† (Heaney 107). The battle betweenRead More Gilgamesh, Achilles and the Human Condition Essay3880 Words   |  16 Pag estales, embody the whole array of typical heroic attributes. They stand above. They are men set apart. They operate somehow in that area that lies between average mortals and the gods themselves. They are stronger, faster, more wily than those they face in battle. They overcome. They are men who stand alone in their various strengths. They are also susceptible to weakness. Each of them, at pivotal times in their stories, are reduced to debilitating grief. They are brought low. At least for a moment

Troilus and Criseyde Free Essays

Tiana Connell #8659 Mr. Powers AP Lang Comp, Period 1 21 October 2011 Love’s Spell In the novel Troilus and Criseyde, by Geoffrey Chaucer, we witness the comparison of two human beings falling in love with each other. Troilus and Criseyde experience love in different ways; either by Cupid’s arrow or through the manipulations of relatives they are forced to pursue each other under love’s spell. We will write a custom essay sample on Troilus and Criseyde or any similar topic only for you Order Now Through their story, the readers learn the valuable lesson of love’s wrath. In the beginning stanzas, we learned that Troilus was a strong and admirable knight of Troy. Troilus, who once joked about those who fell in love, became a victim to love himself. Cupid shot Troilus causing him to fall in love with Criseyde, the first girl he saw. â€Å"So was it with this proud and fiery knight, son of a famous king though he might be; he had supposed that nothing had the might to steer his heart against a will as free as his; yet, at a look, immediately, he was on fire, and he, in pride above all others, suddenly was slave to love†(Book I, 33). Through Cupid’s spell on Troilus, he experienced the feeling of having loved and the pain and sorrow it brought. He became sickened by love and his entire persona suffered in devastation. Chaucer says, â€Å"And from then on love robbed him of his deep and made an enemy of his food; his sorrow increased and multiplied, he could not keep his countenance and colour, eve or morrow, had anyone noticed it; he sought to borrow the names of other illnesses, to cover his hot fire, lest it showed him as a lover† (Book I, 70). Pandarus, Troilus’s fellow friend and uncle of his lover Criseyde, noticed Troilus’s alters in mood and discovered his love for Criseyde. Pandarus, overjoyed by the news, decided to take action by introducing them to one another and to the beginning of a sorrowful adventure. Instead of being hit by Cupid’s arrow, Criseyde was encouraged by her uncle, Pandarus, to give Troilus’s love a chance. He confronted Criseyde and questioned her opinion of Troilus, in hopes to persuade her into a relationship with him. However, when Pandarus informed Criseyde of Troilus’s love for her, she became upset with the inappropriateness of the subject. â€Å"With that he ceased to speak, and hung his head, and she burst out in tears as she replied ‘Alas, for grief! O why am I not dead, since all good faith on earth has surely died? What would a stranger do to me; she cried, ‘When one I thought my friend, the best of them, bids me to seek a love he should condemn? †(Book II, 59). Although she was honored by Troilus’s flattering notes, Criseyde in return did not show any mutual emotions in her responding letters. She gave him thanks for every good intention towards her, but declined to give him ground for greater hope; she never would be bound in love, save as a sister; this, to please him, she gladly would allow, if that could ease him†(Book II, 175). However, through the pressures of Pandarus, Troilus and Criseyde became lovers, until the war began, which inevitably s eparated them. Criseyde promised to come back to Troilus when time permitted. However, the untruthful Criseyde gave her heart and broach, given to her from Troilus, to Diomede in the midst of war. Chaucer’s objective in the writing of Troilus and Criseyde was to portray the confusing and mixed messages of love. In the beginning of the novel we are taught that love is the most fulfilling emotion one can experience. He explains the happiness and joy that love brings through Troilus and Criseyde’s romantic relationship. However, in the ending of the story Chaucer shares the pain and sorrow of love. He warns readers to stay away and focus all love on God. â€Å"Oh all you fresh young people, he or she, in whom love grows ripens year by year, come home, come home from worldly vanity! Cast the heart’s countenance in love and fear upwards to God, who in His image here has mad you; think this world is but a fair passing as soon as flower-scent in air† (Book V, 263). Therefore, Chaucer leaves the audience with confusion of love. Through Cupid’s arrow and Pandarus’s manipulation, the reader develops the story of Troilus and Criseyde’s roller coaster relationship of love. Though it began in beauty and happiness, and ended in grief and sorrow, the audience is taught a valuable lesson about love from Geoffrey Chaucer. Sometimes love brings happiness, while other times it brings misery. How to cite Troilus and Criseyde, Papers

Corporate Level Strategy of Apple free essay sample

Apple is considered as a Dominant Business type of diversification where between 70% and 95% of their revenue comes from a single business. From this case, the dominant business is the computer business while the supporting are software and chips businesses. Impact Through adaption of this strategy, apple able to penetrate the computer’s market share at the beginning. This is evidenced by Apple reaching annual sales of $100 million from its 1st computer and in 1984, the new Macintosh pushed Apple’s sales to $1. billion . However, soon Apple faced some competition when in 1981, IBM released its first personal computer and the computer market began to grow with more players come in into the market. Up until 1990, the competition become worst for Apple when Microsoft released Windows 3. 0, the first universal software that could run on nearly every PC where it meets the demand of the consumers who wants the compatible operating systems. Loss amounted in 1996-1997 due to de mand for standardize software amp; stiff competition. Due to those problems, adapting this strategy was no longer effective for Apple in generating revenues and conquering the market share. Moderate to high level of diversification (1976-1996) When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he plans to diversify Apple business from computer to the hub of consumer digital lifestyle. The new strategy includes the development of new iMac, iBook, iTunes, iPod, iPhones, Apple TV and more. This indicated that Apple have moved forward from being a computer producer into much more businesses including music, mobile phones, video, retail and many more. The introduction of various digital products by Apple shows that Apple has diversified its computer business into many digital products. Apple’s adaption of moderate to high level of diversification is classified as Related Constrained diversification where less than 70% of revenue comes from the dominant business , amp; all businesses share product, technological and distribution linkages. Apple are said to be sharing the product, technological and distribution linkages because Apple’s products are seen to be closely related and their innovation are coming from the same technology, resources and ideas. Moreover, all products also share the distribution channel through Apple Store. Impact The diversification strategy suits Apple very well as being evidenced as follows: †¢ Diversification into music download industry boost the sale of computers, iPods, iPhones and Apple TV. Net sales in 2007 of Desktops increased by 59%, 40% (portables), 17% (iPod), 27% (music related), 29% (peripherals amp; hardware), 81% (software amp; services) †¢ Change from only computers to digital product enhance Apple’s market powers. In 2007, Apple controlled more than 70% of the digital music market. Closest competitors to Apple’s iPod had only 8% of the market share, leaving Apple with vast majority. In 2008, iPhones stole 1% of the mobile phone market share SUGGESTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS We will discuss this matter in two sections. First is suggestion for the short term and secondly is for the long term. Short term Knowing that the adoption of new corporate level strategy by Steve Jobs in 1997 onwards bring high revenues to the company, we think that Apple should continue with this strategy. By not concentrating only to one dominant business, Apple must introduce plenty of related products. This type of related business should be expanded. By adding more digital product, the company will have the advantage of sharing the activity, technology, distribution linkage and many others. Besides, as stated in the case, the introduction of iTunes is as a means to boost the sale of Apple’sother products. So, it is hope that, by introducing more new digital product, it may boost the sales of Apple’s former products. For example, out of the scope of this case, Apple has subsequently introduced iPad, iTablet and Apple may also create their very own iCamera and etc. Moreover, Apple should make more strategic agreements with well known brands. As we know from the case, Apple has already developed strategic agreements with many well known brands such as Volkswagen of America, Burton Snowboards and etc. All they need to do is just to include Apple products together with their alliances’ products. By doing this, Apple is at advantage since their product line will become bigger while they do not have to enter into unrelated industry which is new and risky to be explored. Other than that, by creating strategic agreements, Apple can gain consumer confidence as well as exposure through marketing partner advertisements. Furthermore, we believed that, to increase the level of diversification, Apple may bring their business to global in order to earn extraordinary returns. Since Apple already has a positive brand image in Japan related to the Macintosh computer and iPod and has seven Apple retail stores has already in place, and since Japan is the most demanding mobile phone markets with almost 100 million mobile phone users, we think that Japan would be a ood market for Apple to diversify geographically. Apple can also diversify internationally by increasing the number of their retail store worldwide. As for the short term strategy, for Apple corporate level strategy, it is suggested to implement related constrained diversification strengthen by strategic agreements and international diversification strategies. Long Term From the long term perspective, Apple may have to consider limiting the links between its businesses which is also known as related linked diversification strategy. By diversifying into different businesses, it will help firms to create value because the expense of developing a core competence has already been incurred in one of the firm’s businesses, transferring this competence to a second business eliminates the need for that business to allocate resources to develop it. Since Apple has already involved in music download industry, it is sensible for Apple to venture into music recording business. This can be done by doing a backward integration with major record labels such as BMG, EMI, Sony and etc. Other than that, Apple may also do a backward integration with the ATNT, the exclusive wireless carrier for the iPhone.

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Business Risk Management Corporate Managerial Responsibilty

Question: Discuss about the Business Risk Management for Corporate Managerial Responsibilty. Answer: Introduction: In business,risk can arise any time, so we can say it is the risk that will result in lower profits than expected or it can also result in having a loss rather than gains. It can be due to many factors like more stiff competition, higher cost of products, less productivity and impose of other regulations by government, new entry in the market,ups and downs of currency rates. Cable Wireless Worldwide was the British global telecommunication company, the risk associated can be change of the taste of the consumers and they can easily switch to other companies with regard to their change,more restrictions from the government, any of the services provided by the company could be obsolete and would result in loss, and majorly it could be any circumstances which would arise because of unforeseen conditions. It could be broken in to inside risks (events taking place within the organisation) and exterior risks (events happening outside the organisation)(Frank, 2008). Corporate Governance It is said to be an arrangement of rules and regulations and it set for companies and it also makes sure that companies follow it to generate more transperency. It takes in to consideration all the interests of the shareholders, investors, and other persons forming a part of the company. It can be said as an methodwhich reduces principle agent difficulty in a business. It is organised by the Board of directors and it provides a sense of balance and helps in achieving all the political monetary and social goals. The goal is to see that the individual performance is according to the benchmark performance(Young, 2003). Cable and wireless has immenselyenhanced the confidence in investors and included good corporate governance policy in the business to make it more effective. They are also making a difference through good education, sports, good effective culture etc.They take care of their stakeholders which forms the essential part of the company and through that capital can be raised more violently. The company has done a good job in minimising risks through good governance. People Accountablefor thr Crisis of Above Topics: The persons who will be responsible for the failure of business and the risks associated with it will be the operations management team, who are closely noticing and monitoring all the operations of the business that is taking care of the cost of the product, the profit margin,the marketing team who is taking care of the promotions (Steverson Alfino, 1997)Failure of good governance can be reduce by having a good and effective Board of directors.They are only responsible for making good governance policies(Teo, 2016). References FRANCK,C J . (2008).Business Risk Management. Retrieved 2 September 2016, from Young, B. (2003).Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: Is There a Relationship?. Retrieved 2 September 2016, from Teo, J. (2009). The failure of good governance :How it lead to the financial crisis. Retrieved 2 September 2016, from Alfino,M.(1997). Business Failure and Corporate Managerial Responsibilty. Retrieved 2 September,from